Get Involved

Partner or Volunteer with us
By inviting us to schools to provide mentoring sessions for the students especially the girl child, call us to provide life skills, hand skills and economic training sessions to girls and women in your community.
You can also volunteer with us by offering your time to work at Goal Club Initiative offices. Be a part of the staffs who are dedicated to working with communities in improving the lives of women and girls.

Support us
Be a role model, father, mother or guardian to these young girls. Be a part of a young girl’s life by supporting their education through providing tuition fees and school requirements or by being a part of our team during the community and school outreaches. One can entirely support education of the girl child.
For our international friends who may be interested in this concept, you can adopt the vulnerable girl child through Goal Club who will be the direct link to the girls.

Donate in-kind items
You can be a part of our programmes through donating in kind items such as clothing, blankets, mattresses, text books, educational CDs, past papers, and scholastic materials.