The success story

The Goal Club Initiative has got several inspirational stories with the one of Prudent Ageno (not real name being the most outstanding one. We were introduced to her by one teacher who knew about the outreach program we were carrying out in schools.

Ageno had dropped of school and was working as a baby sitter at one of her uncle’s place in Kampala without pay and under inhuman conditions. It took us about a period of one year to get her out of her uncle’s home and because of what she had gone through, she was withdrawn and fearful.

It was difficult for her to gain our trust because of what she had gone through at a tender age.  Her parents were in different relationships, this was disappointment to Ageno because the people she thought would protect her had let her down, I never got to enjoy her childhood. She later confessed. She had lost the hope of ever returning back to school due to the fact that she was not being paid.

She was brought to one of us (staff of TGCI) where she is being housed and later on taken back to school. We mentored her by helping her understand that she can still be the person she wants to be with determination to push against the odds with the minimum help that we were to offer. We continuously provided counseling to Ageno and inspired her to dream big to achieve her lifetime desired goals.

It has not been easy providing for her since we were not registered then and the members were pulling resources from their little earning. The journey has been a good one with so many hurdles we met yet we learnt along the way.  Now that we are registered, we are sure with the help of partners (individuals and organization) we are certain that we can make a big difference and change the lives of many girls who have dropped out of school. Most importantly, we want to stop those factors that make girls to drop out of schools and through our schools outreach programme, we are sure to impact on lives of many girls.