The Goal Club Initiative (TGCI) is dedicated to working with schools and the local communities to improve the situation of women and encourage the girl child to stay longer in school through our mentorship programme. We focus on improving the quality of lives of the marginalized adolescent girls (especially teenage mothers) in society by empowering them and ensuring their participation in issues affecting them. Being pregnant and having a child are major life events. For adolescent girls, experiencing these events while still at school often means facing harsh social sanctions and difficult choices that have life-long consequences. It could mean expulsion from home and school; being shamed and stigmatized by family, community members and peers; increased vulnerability to violence and abuse, or greater poverty and economic hardship.

The Goal Club Initiative (TGCI) has been in existence since 2012 working to promote the situation of marginalized girls through skills development and economic empowerment. The organization has gone through different stages to reach where it is today. What started as an individual activity has evolved to become a national organization, supporting community development initiatives with it being registered with the NGO board as a local NGO in May 2014. Our programmes benefit youth especially women and girl children across Uganda through working in partnership with a wide range of stake holders. We also work in post-conflict northern Uganda where there are unique categories of situations including child mothers, girls who have dropped out of school, children in re-constituted families and boys and girls engaged in commercial sexual exploitative activities, among others.